Multinational Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple dimensions of a company’s business through the exchange of information from various business process areas and related databases.

Our service portfolio ranges from catering for the real time solution needs of mega corporations to SMEs.

These solutions enable our clients to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information.


Wholesales Connectivity ( Local & International)

At Telecom Allianz, we provide our clients with the best offers on cost effective, tailored network solutions that meet the global wholesale carrier standard.

Together with our valued partners, we enables carriers, ISPs, and content providers of all sizes to quickly and easily increase their network footprint without the need to invest heavily in their own infrastructure or increase resources.

Extend the reach of your corporate network to your mobile workforce with security-enhanced, back-end connectivity.

Telecommunication Due Diligence 

( Mergers & Acquisitions)

We prepare market and technology risk assessments in support of financial transactions in the telecommunications industry (credit facilities, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions).

We undertake commercial and market due diligence for clients/organizations who wish to assess key technical assets of telecom/IT businesses for mergers or acquisition.

At Telecom Allianz, we focus on the extent and capability of the operator’s physical network whiles studying its business areas: strategy & business plan, marketing & sales, and regulatory.

Our people comprise specialized advisors (legal, tax, financing, and technical) with practical experience in assessing network facilities and comparative market analysis.


An analysis of all existing network infrastructure

Quantifying the capacity of the transmission and distribution networks and the level of current and expected future utilisation

Reviewing operating and maintenance processes and procedures
Establishing the state of existing network elements and their suitability to support new technologies and services including broadband, triple-play and quad-play

Reviewing committed and future capital expenditure plans

Data Centre Sourcing

Our data center sourcing platform allows customers to redirect the initial expense of construction into other areas of the organization or into operating expenses for the data center, while continuing to manage their own IT.

Our goal is to ease the pressure on enterprise data center operators on the high capital expenditures involved in new data center builds.

By outsourcing your data center management to us, you are guaranteed a seamless extension of your organization.

Regulatory Advisory

We work with mobile and landline telecom operators, internet service providers, submarine cable operators/ owners, cable landing station operators etc. to help them address their complex legal and regulatory issues.

At Telecom Allianz, we can help you balance compliance with competitiveness thereby reducing the rish of falling foul to industry regulations whiles you run a profitable business.

We also help you to access the impact of regulation on your business, and develop and implement a strategic response that empowers your business to take control of the regulatory agenda and meet regulatory responsibilities

Training ( Technical & Sales)

We provide advanced, world - class technical training services for the telecom and IT sector.

Our highly trained and reliable team made up of experts who have been in the industry for a considerable number of years carry out these services through seminars and other platforms tailored to suit your requirement.

We welcome you to expand your knowledge by being part of our periodic training workshops, conferences or seminars. We enlist the services of internationally recognized IT & Telecom consultants to lead these sessions.

 ICT Equipment Procurements

We offer advice and assistance in ordering ICT equipment and software to ensure your business needs are met. This includes managing the lifecycle process of ICT equipment - leased and purchased.

Quoting and ordering of PCs, laptops, printers, software, telecommunications, multifunctional devices and audio visual equipment.

Business Planning


Traffic Engineering Management

Our highly skilled team help you optimize the performance of your telecommunication network by dynamically analyzing, predicting and regulating the behavior of data transmitted over your network.

The techniques of our highly qualified team deliver can be applied to networks of all kinds, including the PSTN (public switched telephone network), LANs (local area networks), WANs (wide area networks), cellular telephone networks, proprietary business and the Internet.